We Take You on a Journey

We guide you on a journey where you define who you are and who you’re looking for. Our algorithm connects you with only the best matches.

We Use Science to Find You Better Matches


You Answer Questions

You answer questions about you and your ideal partner

We Process Your Answers

Our algorithm crunches the data and connects you with the most compatible matches

You Meet the Matches You've Been Looking For

We connect you with people that you have a deeper connection with

We’re Different

We stand for meaningful connections, that begins with you and us


Zero Tolerance to Bad Behaviour

You are in complete control over who can talk to you and who can’t. If any one person is seen to be causing trouble it’s sayonara to them. This is a haven, not the wild west.


Machine Learning, Meet Dating

Our algorithm applies machine learning to your search for love. What does that mean? It learns about you and increases in accuracy as you use it. The more questions you answer, the more accurate the matches.


24/7 Customer Support

If you need help anywhere anytime, we’re there. Head over to Support for more.


We Take Out the Guesswork

We take you on a journey where you define who you are and who you’re looking for by answering a series of targeted questions.


Do You Really Know What Your Type is?

Have you ever sat down and actually thought about who your ideal match is? What are they like? We bet you’ll be surprised.


Goodbye Weirdos

Everyone using our app is looking for the same thing. A connection made on a deeper level. Rest assured that those that aren’t serious about that are playing elsewhere. 


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